Discussion Based on the Film “Race to Nowhere”—A Free Parenting Workshop at The Cottage School

“Hours of homework produce unbearable stress; stress produces cheating, cramming to pass tests and then forgetting everything; that false learning then means remediation when they get to college; and, on rare occasions, students kill themselves. In my 35 years of reporting for NPR and PBS, I have covered these issues more times than I care to remember…I promise you that this movie is telling the truth.”John Merrow, correspondent for PBS Newshour, writing for The Huffington Post

The Cottage School is pleased to offer a free workshop discussion on the groundbreaking educational film Race to Nowhere on Monday, January 29th from 9:30 to 11:00 AM.

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This grassroots documentary challenges the current approach society takes to “prepare” children for success. With a hyper-focus on over-scheduling, over-testing, and over-performing in everything from academics to athletics, the film examines how our achievement-obsessed culture may not only be dangerous but counterproductive—robbing children of their childhood, love for learning, passion for creativity and intrinsic  motivation, leaving them ill-prepared for a healthy adulthood.

Named as one of “10 Education Documentaries You Don’t Want to Miss”, Race to Nowhere brings us together at The Cottage School to discuss the role and impact of education in an informed and insightful manner. Although viewing the film before the workshop is not necessary for the discussion, Race to Nowhere is available to rent or purchase on You Tube, Amazon Video, iTunes and the Race to Nowhere website.

Register Now  for our Discussion Based on the Film “Race to Nowhere” on Monday, January 29th from 9:30 to 11:00 AM.

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